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asce infrastructure report card

The US Water Infrastructure Crisis Part 1

Every four years, the American Society of Engineers (ASCE) travels across the country to evaluate the state of infrastructure. It should come as no surprise that every sector is in heavy need of improvement, from bridges and roads to wastewater systems and levees. Overall, ASCE gave America a D+, a score that becomes even more startling when you consider that it is the same score given four years ago – showing a clear lack of investment.

Infrastructure investment has been pushed to the side for far too long. The ongoing Oroville Dam crisis, the fact the people of Flint, Michigan are still without clean water, and the recent St. Joseph, Louisiana contaminated water emergency make it clear that government action is long overdue.

Infrastructure should be a priority because it impacts every aspect of our lives, from when we hop into cars to drive down the road to when we turn on the faucet.

Read the full 2017 US Infrastructure Report and share it with everyone you know.

Check back next week for part 2 of our infrastructure crisis installment. We’ll be discussing ways that you can get involved and help diminish the extent of our crisis.