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Tips for Success

Tips for Success

This Meeting is THE best opportunity for distributors and manufacturers in the underground water, sanitary and storm sewer industry to meet and discuss trends, changes and events. The Forum also allows individual companies the opportunity to schedule “one on one” time with existing and potential customers and vendors.

The Partnership Forum will be held in a ball room that is divided into approximately 65 table top meeting areas with pipe and drape. Distributor companies will host the tables and Manufacturer representatives will travel to the Distributors table at their previously scheduled time. Each session is 15 minutes long, but can be doubled or triple booked if mutually agreed upon in advance.

Please note you will only get out of this meeting what you choose to put into this meeting. Preparation is the single most key to a successful Partnership Forum. Below are some tips to making YOUR partnership forum a great value to your company.

#1 – Register early and assign a key contact in your office who will be responsible for scheduling appointments.

#2 – Make hotel reservations at the host hotel as early as possible. The room block fills up quickly and you will miss informal networking opportunities if you are forced to stay off-site.

#3 – Go to the WASDA website- www.wasda.com and update your target list from the current registrations; updates are posted every Friday.

#4 – Make contact with those companies you want to meet with and schedule an agreed upon meeting time. The website is updated weekly, so keep checking back to pick up new registrants.

#5 – Allow a few breaks throughout the day for restroom and phone calls back to the office. These are also excellent times to “bump” into other WASDA members with which you may not have scheduled an appointment, but would like an opportunity to chat with briefly.

#6 – Many companies will set up breakfast, lunch and dinner meetings as well. Please make sure that you are not scheduling these events against Association hosted events.

#7 – In the evenings, prior to dinner, WASDA will host networking cocktail receptions. This is another great opportunity to get acquainted or re-acquainted with members.

#8 – The post meeting review and follow-up is highly recommended to maximize your benefits for your time and money invested. Go over your notes and do what was asked of you to do throughout the meeting.

#9 – First time companies attending the Partnership Forum will be assigned a “mentor” to help guide them through the meeting. He/she will help introduce you at the receptions and be your advisor before the Meeting. Please do not hesitate to use your mentor to help you whenever and wherever you may need some help.

#10 – Enjoy your opportunity to “rub shoulders” with the who’s who of the water and sewer supply industry.