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How Have States Invested in Water Infrastructure?

We constantly hear news about grants or loans given to cities across the US to fix ongoing water infrastructure issues. The question is, how is this money being spent? And is the majority of it coming from public or private funding?

Jersey Water Works released an investigative report called Upgrading Our Systems: A National Overview of State-Level Funding for Water Initiatives that evaluates the success and shortcomings of water infrastructure funding initiatives in 14 states.

The initiatives in each state cover the 3 major facets of the industry — drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater.

water infrastructure states funding

The figures above represent how the 14 states in the report fund water infrastructure programs.

Jersey Water Works discovered that few water infrastructure programs are funded solely by grants — nearly half have a combination of both grants and loans that stem from bonds.

Interesting to note, the majority of state initiatives focus on improving wastewater systems.

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