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WASDA Welcomes

Wasda Welcomes

WASDA Welcomes Three New Distributor Members!

Give a warm WASDA welcome to our new Distributor members: Cohen Industrial Supply Co., EMCO Waterworks, and Raritan Group, Inc.

Click the links above to learn about each company and get to know them at the this year’s Executive Reception and Fall Meeting & Partnership

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Latest Industry News

infrastructure week 2017

The US Water Infrastructure Crisis Part 3

US infrastructure has been crumbling for years. Roads are full of potholes, bridges and dams are structurally inefficient, and water systems in every state are in dire need of repair.

The only way to create change is by uniting our voices in an effort to raise awareness – that’s the goal of this year’s Infrastructure Week, which will take place from May 15-19, 2017.

People all across the country

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WASDA Welcomes

Michigan Pipe and Valve

WASDA Welcomes New Distributor Member: Michigan Pipe and Valve

Give a warm WASDA welcome to our new Distributor member

Michigan Pipe & Valve (Jackson).

The company started in Jackson, MI. Over the last 20 years, Michigan Pipe & Valve (Jackson) has successfully grown to 3 different branches throughout the Michigan area.

Visit michiganpipe.com/ to learn more about

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Latest Industry News

water main burst

The US Water Infrastructure Crisis Part 2

Each year, the US has 240,000 water main breaks and loses 6 billion gallons of treated water from leaking pipes. There are 1 million miles of drinking water pipes that are well past their lifespan and need to be replaced. 15,498 dams have been identified as high hazard potential. And these are just a few of the alarming facts uncovered in the ASCE 2017 US Infrastructure Report.

Repairing our

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Latest Industry News

asce infrastructure report card

The US Water Infrastructure Crisis Part 1

Every four years, the American Society of Engineers (ASCE) travels across the country to evaluate the state of infrastructure. It should come as no surprise that every sector is in heavy need of improvement, from bridges and roads to wastewater systems and levees. Overall, ASCE gave America a D+, a score that becomes even more startling when you consider that it is the same score given four years ago

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