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The Niagara Falls Wastewater Sludge Is Pouring Into Canada

Instead of the picturesque cascading waters that tourists flock to, Niagara Falls has been full of sewage for months. Both Ontario’s City Council and New York’s Water Board have had enough.

During heavy rainfall, the outdated water infrastructure surrounding the Niagara River strains under the volume of the stormwater. This quickly leads to gallons of contaminated wastewater from a nearby treatment plant dumping into the river — turning entire sections of the water an inky black.

Wayne Gates, a member of Ontario’s Provincial Parliament said, “It’s unacceptable. We have to protect our environment, we have to protect our water source, and this has to stop. We have to make sure we heighten awareness and put pressure on the Niagara Falls Water Board to fix the problem”.

U.S. Senator Charles Schumer remarked, “The infrastructure of our water supply here in Niagara Falls, and in Western New York is old, and we need a major infrastructure bill, and hopefully that is one area where the President and Congress can work together”.

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