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Infrastructure Woes Across the Country

To keep our readers informed about pressing issues across the country regarding water infrastructure, we are sharing the following news. The American Society of Civil Engineer (ASCE) has given America’s Infrastructure a D+, largely due to poor maintenance and underinvestment. In fact, the water infrastructure sector has only received 30% of its necessary funding. For years, this negligence has been ignored. Now is the time for change. After all, infrastructure is a critical facet of everyone’s life, from the roads we drive on to the water we drink.

The ASCE recently published a detailed report on the economic impact of current investment trends in the water and wastewater industry. Read through the full report and share it with everyone you know, especially your customers.

Then, click here to contact your Senator and tell them why investing in infrastructure is vital to for the future of our country. We can save America’s infrastructure if we unite our voices together