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drinking water

How Polluted Is Your Drinking Water?

How confident are you that the water flowing out of your tap is clean? Studies show that more than 4 million Americans live in places with water full of contaminants that exceed legal limits. Just because the water you use to drink, shower, and cook is clear doesn’t mean it’s up to standard.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) recently released a handy tool that pulls data from 30 million records, mostly from state agencies. All you have to do is enter your zip code to see which contaminants you’ve been exposed to.

The EWG is currently analyzing the data to put into a comprehensive report, but they have identified several key insights. Both rural areas and areas with lower income are at a higher risk of exposure to contaminated water. Agriculture itself is the biggest source of water pollutants due to pesticides and fertilizers.

Bill Walker, the vice president and managing editor of the EWG said, “While urban water systems have their own challenges, smaller, rural systems often get overlooked. We think Americans have an absolute right to know what’s in their drinking water”.

Learn more about this topic here and see what’s in your community’s water system by using this tool.