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AWWA Buried No Longer Water Infrastructure

America’s Water Infrastructure Challenge

Despite impacting the daily lives of citizens across the country, the water infrastructure sector continues to get pushed to the side when it comes to funding. The infrastructure gap has increased year after year to no avail. Congress needs to take action.

According to the American Water Works Associations (AWWA), the US is in the Era of Infrastructure Replacement. It’s past time to replace aging water and wastewater systems so why do our legislators continue to avoid confronting the issue head on?

AWWA suspects it’s because of an “out of site, out of mind” mentality. After all, the pipes are buried underground and tend to only grab attention when disaster has already struck in the form of water main bursts, contaminated drinking water, dam evacuations, etc.

It’s time to bring the buried pipes to the surface of the ongoing conversations our legislators are having.

Read AWWA’s report on confronting America’s water infrastructure challenges here and share it with everyone you know.