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green infrastructure

New Trends For Infrastructure Remediation On The Horizon.

When it comes to the complex topic of our nation’s crumbling infrastructure, WASDA is always on the lookout for new trends and materials that address our water/wastewater issues.

Green infrastructure is a spec on the horizon today but could provide innovative remediation solutions in the future. Green Infrastructure utilizes natural process, vegetation and soils to manage excess water and create healthier environments in urban areas. Green infrastructure solutions range

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Featured Water Articles

OSHA Drug Tests

OSHA Prohibition On Post-Accident Testing Requires Immediate Action By Employers

Published in McAfee & Taft EmployerLINC Alert | July 25, 2016

By Paul Ross

When developments arise that impact the responsibility of employers and employee safety we want to inform our members. We encourage you to read the following article about the new OSHA standard that creates two significant hurdles for employers that desire to conduct post-accident testing for drugs or alcohol. The article by Paul Ross of the Oklahoma-based law firm

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Featured Water Articles

Water Infrastructure Scandal

The Untold Story Behind This Year’s Water Scandal.

WASDA members are on the “front lines” of America ‘s water infrastructure crisis daily. As a professional organization, we continue to provide information about this crisis. According to CNBC, serious water issues extend far beyond the current crisis in Flint, Michigan — and it’ s going to take a massive infrastructure investment to protect citizens from serious public health dangers, say experts.

The following article from the U.S. Edition of Politico entitled “Is Washington Creating more Flints?” is a great read.

The lead-poisoning scandal in Flint, Michigan, seems like exactly the kind of crisis that demands Washington’s help: a cash-strapped city with governance problems found itself delivering

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WASDA 2016 Fall Meeting - Atlanta

WASDA Fall Meeting & Partnership Forum 2016

We hope to see everyone at the next WASDA Fall Meeting & Partnership Forum. This annual WASDA event is a great opportunity to conduct business and create new business relationships. It’s no wonder this event continues to be so highly attended!

With the ability to conduct over 40 business meetings in the span of two days for the cost of just one business trip, this highly anticipated meeting is

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Water Industry Alerts

WASDA Statistical Survey 2016

Attention Distributors: There is still time to participate in the 2016 WASDA Industry Profile Survey

In today’s increasingly complex business environment, it’s more important than ever to maintain a competitive edge. While monitoring every aspect of your business is a critical component for formulating business strategy, it’s equally important to look at the industry as a whole to gauge success and pinpoint improvement opportunities. In an effort to provide a comprehensive format for setting individual performance goals and understanding the direction of the industry,

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