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Imagine a Day Without Water – Thursday Oct 12

What is Imagine A Day Without Water?
Every year, hundreds of organizations, companies, and municipalities across the country work together to get water infrastructure issues covered in the media and social media in both national and local markets. The goal is to engage policymakers at all levels of government.

The Impact?
Social media posts using #ValueWater were seen by over 12 million people which led to mayors and governors

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WASDA Welcomes

new wasda management team - kristin dunn, krisin evans, and sarah kovacs-peacock

A Letter From Kristin Dunn, The New WASDA Executive Director

Dear WASDA Members,

It has been just over four weeks since I started this new journey as WASDA Executive Director. In the short amount of time I have been with your group, I’m still learning your culture and dynamics, which will only come with time, but I have observed your passion for the waterworks industry. I have interacted with some of your most dedicated volunteers. I have worked with

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Latest Industry News

drinking water

How Polluted Is Your Drinking Water?

How confident are you that the water flowing out of your tap is clean? Studies show that more than 4 million Americans live in places with water full of contaminants that exceed legal limits. Just because the water you use to drink, shower, and cook is clear doesn’t mean it’s up to standard.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) recently released a handy tool that pulls data from 30 million

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Featured Water Articles

AWWA Buried No Longer Water Infrastructure

America’s Water Infrastructure Challenge

Despite impacting the daily lives of citizens across the country, the water infrastructure sector continues to get pushed to the side when it comes to funding. The infrastructure gap has increased year after year to no avail. Congress needs to take action.

According to the American Water Works Associations (AWWA), the US is in the Era of Infrastructure Replacement. It’s past time to replace aging water and wastewater systems

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Latest Industry News

How Have States Invested in Water Infrastructure?

We constantly hear news about grants or loans given to cities across the US to fix ongoing water infrastructure issues. The question is, how is this money being spent? And is the majority of it coming from public or private funding?

Jersey Water Works released an investigative report called Upgrading Our Systems: A National Overview of State-Level Funding for Water Initiatives that evaluates the success and shortcomings of water

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